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Weekly / Fortnightly Cleaning

Are you looking for the best home weekly or fortnightly cleaning service available?  Well we are here, we’ve built our name on quality of service, reliability, fully vetted cleaning teams, providing you with a professional high quality cleaning service.  Our dedicated cleaning personnel are ready to make your property shine!  Covering cleaning services for Essex, London and Norfolk areas.

What Weekly / Fortnightly Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

As a professional cleaning company we have the capability to carry out all types of residential cleaning services:

Spring Cleans – Deep Cleans – Carpet Cleaning – Window Cleaning – Weekly Regular Cleaning – One Off Cleaning – Sanitisation Cleaning – Fortnightly Regular Cleaning

Having your home regularly cleaned gives you that feeling like when you change your bedding, its just great walking through your door and seeing that shine throughout your property after it has had one of our regular weekly/fortnightly cleans, giving you that precious time to spend on other activities such as meeting with friends and family members, work or social activities, whatever your reason is for making that choice to give yourself a better life by having a cleaning service our fully insured, fully trained cleaning teams are ready for you.

Do you need to be home for the cleaning service?

Simply put no, that’s entirely up to you, Come Shine With Me are fully insured for cleaning, within that insurance keys are covered.  All client keys are tagged with a code and placed in a key safe within one of our secure units.  On the day of your clean the cleaner will look at our app, see that you have given us a key and see the key code and retrieve it from the safe allowing them to securely access your premises, this is then returned at the end of the day.  All our branches have access to key safes in Essex, London and Norfolk.

Some clients prefer to be home and that is fine also, our teams are happy either way, the team will carry on their cleaning as per the instructions you would have provided us trying not to disturb your day.

Your cleaning service is tailored to your needs, so what should you expect as standard?

It does not matter if you require a Fortnightly Clean in Warley, Essex, or a Weekly Clean in Gidea Park, Romford, it could even be a Regular Cleaning Service in London, we adhere to the same cleaning procedures throughout our cleaning company.

Every single room in a property is approached by the cleaners in the same way, cleaning high to low, for example our cleaners will go in your living room, using a high reach duster will address firstly your ceiling removing those evasive cobwebs and work down to all other areas including skirting’s to remove all dust.

  • Bathroom Clean – Cobwebs removed, dusting, floors cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors / chrome fixtures cleaned, shower doors cleaned, tile walls cleaned, bathtub / showers cleaned.
  • Bedroom Clean – Surfaces hand wiped, floors cleaned, general dusting, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned.
  • Living Area Clean – Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned, general dusting, floors cleaned.
  • Kitchen Clean – Counter tops cleaned, outside of range hood cleaned, top and front of range cleaned, drip pans / glass top surfaces wiped, sinks cleaned and chrome shined, fronts of all appliances cleaned, general dusting, cupboards wiped down, all surfaces cleaned, cobwebs removed, microwave wiped out, doors and door frames spot cleaned.
  • Hallways & Stairs Clean – Dust high to low, wipe down of all surfaces including skirting’s and railings, clean floors.

Every home is different, with different rooms and furniture in each, we clean to a high standard no matter what the rooms and our cleaning teams go fully equipped with all various different types of profession cleaning products fully tested to give you a Safe Environmentally Friendly Clean.  

All staff are equipped with an All Purpose Sanitiser which kills to Bacteria to EN1276 & EN13697 – this is a government approved sanitiser which kills the Corvid 19 Virus.  Our staff are fully trained in the use of this product which is highly effective on high touch areas such as front doors, handles and railings.

As well as having our professional use cleaning products your cleaning team will come fully equipped with all the cleaning machines and equipment to carry out your clean so you do not need to worry about us wearing out your cleaning products and equipment, before and after your clean all equipment is sanitised before moving onto the next property.

Our Professional Cleaners covering London, Essex & Norfolk:

Come Shine With Me make all our cleaning operatives go through an intensive training program to give you the quality clean that you require.  All cleaners are trained on the use of our cleaning products and equipment and the best way to clean your property giving you the best clean possible out of your cleaning team.

Louise Humphrey the Managing Director of Come Shine With Me oversees all training of our cleaning operatives – making sure only the fully trained staff are let loose into clients homes, we value our staff and make sure they go out to sites fully prepared to carry out there tasks with the knowledge they need to complete the cleaning of house to a high standard.  It matters not if the cleaner is in Grays in Essex, Walcott in Norfolk, or Cleaning in a property in our home town of Billericay Essex, all staff are trained to the same cleaning high standards.

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