Decontamination Cleans

Decontamination Cleaning Service

Our decontamination management systems succeed in eradicating any viral outbreaks at your premises.  With our extensive experience and investment in the latest technologies with staff trained to the highest possible standard to allow them to combat any issue your site is facing including the current epidemic the Corona Virus also known as the Corvid-19 Virus.

Why choose us as your decontamination cleaning service?

At Come Shine With Me we have found most new clients contact us due to the poor levels and inconsistent cleaning/decontamination practices of the current service provider.  It may be due to lack of knowledge or a poor or no action plan or even simply the technicians are not being supplied with the correct equipment for the site decontamination.  Where we differ is that we have a hands on approach with our clients and communicate throughout our contract with them to make sure they are receiving the service they expect.

We have a fast active approach, containing any infection of your site in a fast and efficient manner to make sure that your premises, staff and clients are kept safe and well.

What To Expect

You are our client and we want you to be happy, so we have created what we believe to be the best inclusive decontamination management system possible to give your staff and clients the safe working environment they deserve, here is a list of what you can expect from us:

  • Fully Trained Decontamination Team
  • Client Portal To Book In Extra Jobs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact
  • Account Manager
  • Tailored Decontamination Plan
  • Regular Auditing
  • GPS Monitoring Of Staff
  • Expert Review Of Cleaning Procedures
  • Health & Safety Aware Plan
  • DBS Checked Cleaning Team
  • Compliant to CQC Standards

All staff are equipped with an All Purpose Sanitiser which kills to Bacteria to EN1276 & EN13697 – this is a government approved sanitiser which kills the Corvid 19 Virus.  Our staff are fully trained in the use of this product which is highly effective on high touch areas such as front doors, handles and railings.

As well as having our professional use cleaning and decontamination products your expert team will come fully equipped with all the cleaning and decontamination machines / equipment to carry out the eradication of any viral infections present in your premises.

Our Professional Cleaners

Come Shine With Me make all our operatives go through an intensive training program to give you the quality clean safe working environment that you require.  All cleaners are trained on the use of our cleaning products and equipment and the best way to clean your property giving you the best result possible out of your cleaning team.

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