Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Come Shine With Me is a well established commercial cleaning company with branches in Essex, London & Norfolk.  Our head office is in Billericay in Essex and from here due to our consistently high standards of cleaning have seen rapid growth within the commercial cleaning industry.  Our commercial cleaning teams are reliable, friendly, fully insured and ready to get your business premises clean.  Providing Eco-friendly commercial cleaning with a wide range of different cleaning services available throughout the Southeast of England.

Why Choose Us As A Commercial Cleaning Provider?

We have a proven history of providing a trusted and reliable commercial cleaning service, delivering on our commitment to service every time, utilising our modern approach to cleaning with fully trained and experienced staff, with a management team and commercial software to give the support our commercial cleaning teams need to provide an unrivalled service to our clients.

Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services include:

  • Gym & Leisure Facility Cleaning – Providing an essential commercial cleaning service to sports and leisure facilities to keep them in an excellent condition, making sure all areas are hygienic keeping staff and customers safe.
  • Office Cleaning – Keep your office clean and tidy is essential for businesses to give a great working environment to staff and presenting a great image to potential clients.  This increases productivity and promotes a professional working environment showing to customers and clients alike you are a company that takes pride in everything you do!
  • Industrial Cleaning Industrial sites can become unclean very quickly as most sites we deal with have a fast pace working environment as a industrial cleaning service provide we can provide you with a planned, structured cleaning plan implemented with our fully trained commercial cleaning teams to keep your fast paced working environments clean and safe.
  • School Cleaning – Education is key to the success of every individual in the country and a clean teaching and working environment for students, teachers and general staff is important for any school reaching for excellence as a learning establishment.  Our school cleaning teams are fully trained in safeguarding and cleaning in schools, we are flexible and adapt our school cleaning plans to each school to give that safe hygienic working environment showing parents, students and teachers you care about the school and its occupants.
  • Shop & Retail Cleaning – Bars, Restaurants, Clothing outlets, Computer stores, and various other retail outlets all require regular commercial cleaning services, all vary in types of cleaning especially restaurants and bars whom require regular health and safety inspections find it essential to have a well laid out and structured cleaning plan, our retail cleaning teams will get your premises looking fresh, clean and hygienic every time.
  • Window & Fascia Cleaning – The viewing screens into your business and residential blocks, our commercial window cleaning teams carrying out an outstanding service to our clients in Shops, Offices, Restaurants, Nursing Homes and Schools across the Essex and London areas.
  • Hospital & Clinical Cleaning – Adhering to CQC standards is essential for any type of clinical practice, we have extensive experience with providing a high standard cleaning service to doctors surgeries and dental clinics providing a commercial cleaning service in line with the care quality commission standards of practice.
  • Decontamination Cleaning – Our specialist decontamination teams are experience with all types of decontamination from blood and excrement to the now ever present Corvid 19 Virus.  We can have your building sanitised and disinfected to allow your workforce to be safe and secure in the knowledge that your property has been decontaminated.
  • Pest Control & Cleaning – We carry out an inclusive pest control management and pest control cleaning service to our clients from all of the above categories, our cleaning teams have been trained to spot potential pest control issues which are highlighted to our clients.  Come Shine With Me can act fast in creating a pest control management plan controlling your current issue and give advice on preventative measures.  Alongside this we can then give you a detailed cleaning and decontamination plan to safeguard your customers, staff and general workforce to avoid any health issues associated with having pests in your premises.

As a commercial cleaning company we are always expanding on our cleaning services available to our clients so if you would like to discuss your requirements please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements.

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